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Today let's take a look at Cotto's Revenge - one of eJuice Farm's finest products!

Cotto's Revenge has significantly grown in popularity over the last years alone as an alternative to more generic e-liquids on the market.

Right off the bat you will notice the range of refined flavors that they offer. Nothing is suited better for the red satin and leather chairs in your office. Cotto's Revenge definitely transcends the limitations of conventional e-liquid flavor categories.

To really appreciate the ideas they try to put forward to vaping consumers, let us take a brief look at the history of the company. Arizona's Joe Cotto formed the company in 2013 after realizing that vaping had great potential to end his smoking habit. He started making his own e-liquids to meet his and his wife's specific flavor preferences. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback on his blends, it seemed like the industrialization of his juices was inevitable. Joe Cotto discovered unique production techniques that are responsible for his truly individuated flavor. For example, his oak barrel aging methods for vintage flavoring use the same principles as those used in distilleries during prohibition — giving his liquids a distinctive taste. You can see that these juices go far beyond the typical blends of most e-liquids.


These are the Cotto's Revenge eJuice blends that we currently and the flavor notes that they break down to:

  • Bourbon Custard - bourbon, sweet custard, toasted almonds and coconut
  • High Life - strawberry champagne, citrus and cream
  • Nani's Kiss - creamy toffee, sweet rum and a touch of hibiscus.
  • Ocean Peach - peach, cream and a pinch of oceanic salts
  • Sophisticated - Kahlua, custard, toasty almost and brown sugar
  • Vendetta - cranberry, brandy, back note of custard

According to reviewers, most of these flavors remind them of a high-end whiskey. Each of Cotto's Revenge e-juices are aged in a barrel of oak for two weeks, giving the vape a unique vintage flavor that is ready to be used as soon as you receive it. So, as you can see, you may as well forget typical Strawberry and Tobacco flavored juices. Cotto's Revenge makes the types of flavors suited for truly developed taste buds. These liquids all range from 0 - 12 mg nicotine. What impresses us the most, however, is that the nicotine doesn't burn your throat. Even at the 6 - 12 mg levels it amounts to a smooth vaping experience. Exactly the kind of flavor you'll be eager to share with your friends.

Despite the overwhelming quality of this product it's still affordable for the less economically tolerant folks out there, so don't just turn your head away at the sound of the word "vintage" if your wallet is a little tight at times. The price may be a little over the industry average, but with the first hit you can already tell how those extra dollars went straight to the unmatched quality.

All in all, Cotto's Revenge makes universally appreciated liquids that will fill your mouth with tasty vintage flavors. Whether you are using it to fill your newly acquired starter kit or your self-constructed mod, the sheer reputation of this manufacturer can guarantee a pristine vaping experience! Try it out yourself and see which of the flavors suits your vaping needs best!

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