Mount Baker Vapor is Relocating Due to New Bill in Washinton State

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Vaping has become increasingly popular among people who want to smoke without all the harmful effects of the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. The city of Mesa, Arizona is gaining 100 new jobs as the company, Mount Baker Vapor, plans to leave Washington due to a new bill that targets vaping with higher and stricter taxes.

Mount Baker Vapor is planning to move to Arizona from their current location Bellingham, Washington. Upon relocating, Mount Baker Vapor must hire at least of 25 local workers. Amazingly, Mount Baker Vapor qualifies for the Arizona tax credit that values up to $9,000 dollars . The Arizona Vaping community welcomes with open arms Mount Baker Vapor. The company is expects to move to an area near Falcon Field Airport in Mesa.

Mount Baker Vapor is seeking to escape the new bills Washington State is implementing. This bill would tax up to the 95 percent rate for e-cigarettes. While the bill has positive aspects like requiring companies to disclose ingredients in their products and restricting access to children. This bill would also sadly put a ban on online sales. Critics of e-cigarettes see vaping products as a new product that will cause people to become addicted to nicotine. Despite the fact that e-cigarettes are a clean alternative to smoking tobacco in combustible cigarettes.

Mount Baker Vapor is a company that produces e-juice. The company has ejuices available for purchase such as French toast flavor, and rum tobacco. While these sweet tasting flavors are why critics say that people become addicted to these products. They also argue that most young teens are drawn to the juices that have a sweet flavor. These juices are sold online, and at vape stores all over the United States.

According to lawmakers in Washington State there has been an uncontrollable rise in exposure to nicotine. Now, Washington State wants to follow states such as Minnesota and North Carolina that have passed laws implementing special taxes on e-cigarettes. About 12 other states have tried and are currently trying to pass bills implementing higher taxes and stricter laws. Also, critics in the US Food and Drug Administration is proposing that new rules be set in place on e-cigarettes that bans sales to minors, and requiring warning labels be placed on the products.

Despite these hurdles Mount Baker Vapor is not giving up. By October, Mount Baker Vapor is planning on relocating to Arizona due to these new bills and restrictions. We look forward to Mount Baker Vapor joining our vaping community.

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