While E-Cigarette Bills Divide Legislature: We Encourage Business Responsibility

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Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity as an alternative to tobacco products. Many like them because they give the sensation of smoking without many of the dangers. The process of using electronic cigarettes is often referred to as vaping because vapor and not smoke is created when they are used. Electronic cigarettes don't use tobacco so they are considered to be a lot safer than tobacco products. However, these electronic cigarette products still pose some danger particularly to minors because the e-juice used with many of them contain nicotine.

California state senator Mark Leno, a Democrat from San Francisco, had sponsored a bill calling for electronic cigarettes to face the same basic restrictions as tobacco cigarettes. The bill was supported by the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association. But the bill was gutted before being approved 11 to 3 by the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee. The changes made to the bill were so dramatic many of its original supporters felt it did not even resemble the original bill and did not provide the protections for which they had hoped.

What is left many felt is a toothless piece of legislation that fails to protect the portion of the population in California that is most vulnerable to the dangers of using a product which often contains nicotine: minors. The process has left many feeling frustrated and betrayed by the body they had hoped would help them to protect the young. As a result, the bill's sponsor, Sen. Mark Leno, decided to drop the bill. Many of the other supporters of the bill, including the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association, also withdrew their support.

eJuice Farm offers some of the best electronic cigarette supplies available. However, the site also makes it clear that the products they offer are aimed at people that are old and responsible enough to safely use those products. While the California legislature has seemingly dropped the ball, eJuice Farm continues to require that people who attempt to purchase their electronic cigarette supplies be at least 18 years old. This has helped to ensure minors are protected while providing responsible adults with the opportunity to have access to the quality ejuice supplies they need.

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The freedom to choose to use products which makes them happy is an important part of the rights of Americans. eJuice Farm respects those rights and offers a wide variety of electronic cigarette supplies from which responsible adults can choose. While many feel the California legislature has abdicated their role in protecting the young by gutting the bill, eJuice Farm has made it very clear to whom their products are aimed. A visit to the eJuice Farm website provides those old enough to make a responsible choice access to great tasting ejuice flavors and excellent vaping supplies.


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