E-Cigarette Death Misreported: Vaping Not The Culprit

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The use of e-cigarettes has increased drastically over the last couple of years. This is because they offer a better alternative to smokers who smoke normal cigarettes. In many countries, these are a proven effective alternative for smokers who are addicted to nicotine. They have been used with magnificent results by smokers who want to quit smoking cigarettes as well wanting to reduce their level of dependence on nicotine. Evidence comparisons between e-cigarettes and real cigarettes prove that they are getting more users while the latter is losing. Many smokers are shifting base, and the funniest thing is that this type of cigarette is not getting more users who never smoked.

In many countries, e-cigarettes are being sold as general consumer products. In many instances, they are not designed to look or feel exactly as cigarettes to their smokers. There are three types of e-cigarettes; the disposable type that comes accompanied by cartridges, the electronic type that is rechargeable as well and the electronic model that can be recharged and which comes accompanied by a reservoir that is supposed to be filled with nicotine in liquid form. This electronic cigarette is also known as a nicotine delivery system or vaporizer.

There are those that resemble real cigarettes as well as those which do not even come close. When the user draws in, those that look like real cigarettes have a light that glows red. E-cigarettes generally contain liquids that have small amounts of nicotine that are suspended in propylene glycol. However, the level of the nicotine varies just as the different flavorings vary.

There have been many debates about whether e-cigarettes are completely safe and healthy to use. However, no one has come out in the open to dispute that they are much better when compared to smoking real cigarettes. Many have argued that it isn't possible to know the exact safety of these e-cigarettes. Research proves that actual harm as a result of smoking cigarettes comes from smoking tobacco and not necessarily nicotine.

Not everyone believes in the safety of these cigarettes. A Facebook user posted online on June 27th, 2015 saying she was just from a memorial service of a friend who had succumbed from suffocation of oil that coated her lungs. The owner of the post who hails from Jacksonville, California did not provide better details about how her friend died. For instance, she failed to give any medical history of the dead friend that left many questioning the truth her post bestowed.

The Facebook user was very responsive when she was asked by others whether they could share her post saying that was why she had posted in the first place. The user was definitely on a mission to spread the word. Thanks to Snopes, we've found out that when doctors did further research on the condition the user had described in her post, they came to a conclusion that the deceased person was probably suffering from lipoid pneumonia that is a condition that is in no way related to the use of electronic cigarettes.

Lipoid pneumonia typically manifests itself as a cough, low-grade fever or dyspnea. This disease in most instances affects the elderly (just like in this case where the deceased was 67). Most patients have a history of functional alteration to swallowing and also suffer from instances when they have problems ingesting lipids.

The only published research on a case of lipoid pneumonia involving electronic cigarettes involved a woman who inhaled weed oil that was vaporized. There are other instances that have not been published that range from people mixing petroleum jelly with cocaine to many others. Since the year 2011, there have been many advancements in nicotine vaporization technology which many people have strictly adhered to when using e-cigarettes.

Efforts to reach out to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville where the dead woman was apparently examined were futile. People and especially electronic cigarette users are eager to know if the case was by any chance related to nicotine vaporization. At the moment, because the post did not have any proof or at least some facts that can lead to a thorough investigation there is no need for anyone to fret.

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