The Kanger SUBOX Mini

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The new and improved Kanger SUBOX Mini by KangerTech has exceeded its predecessor by a debatable margin in the vape industry. With a new airflow design and an upgraded RBA, this tank vape comes with a higher wattage than before. A feature also to be noted is the ability to change and control the wattage, thus controlling how much vapor you get. The lowest setting being 7W and the highest being 50W. The aesthetically pleasing matte aqueous ceramic coating comes in white or black and are both attractive pieces. The battery level display makes it easy for the user to keep track of when the mod needs to be charged again. There is also an option to vape and charge at the same time, which some users find helpful.

The Kanger SUBOX Mini is self-protected against short circuiting, over-heating, overtime usage and more. The unit will show if something has gone awry. The coils for the mod are also much different than previous models, as the new coil design is vertical and older ones were horizontal. The vertical coils enhance the draw and flavor. The mod comes with a magnetic battery door for easy removal and changing of the 18650 battery needed for use, although the starter kit does not include one. The cell output for the 18650 battery of your choice needs to be at least 20A or above for the best performance of this mod. Also included in the starter kit are spare bits and pieces like o-rings and a small screwdriver to aid in putting it together upon arrival.

There is a warranty for the SUBOX Mini from Kanger inside the box in case there is ever a need to use it. There is also an instruction manual and a handy user guide to help get everything started. The unit is easy to assemble and use even for a first time user. These vaporizers would be perfect for vapers who love the look of a tank/mod combination versus the look of a typical e-cig. The matte color could easily be compared to the paint on a sports car, giving it a fancy and sleek look without much effort.

The ability to control the wattage before vaping is a really huge plus. At a lower wattage, such as 15W or below, the draw will produce clouds like to those of a cigarette. At a higher wattage, such as 35W or above, the clouds become much more dense and the flavor of the liquid of the user's choice is much more prominent. There is also added warmth in higher wattage draws, which may or may not be a bonus for some users. Unlike previous models, the SUBOX Mini doesn't get as hot during the heating process when set to a higher wattage, which at one point would result in "burnt" clouds or even making the tank/mod uncomfortable to the touch. The SUBOX Mini does a much better job at keeping cool than in the past. This makes the unit much more tolerable when being used at a higher wattage.

The Kanger SUBOX Mini starter kit is available on for a low and reasonable price, as well as flavors of ejuices to add to the tank. The new Drip-Tip and improved airflow will provide a powerful push of flavor in each cloud. All in all, this new vaporizer really has it going on. Highly rated and recommended to anyone who vapes or could use a new unit.

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