Fact or Smoke? A Billion Lives To Save

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One billion people will die this century from smoking. This is unthinkable. And these are one billion lives that could be saved by offering a non-toxic alternative to cigarettes in vaping with e-cigarettes. Simple solution, right? So why is there so much misinformation out there about vaping? Who is behind all the anti-vaping propaganda? Who is trying to get vaping banned in this country? That's what the new documentary "A Billion Lives" aims to explain.

Andrew Biebert, the documentary's creator and director, wants to put to rest all the misinformation that has been advertised and stop the anti-vaping propaganda that's being aired on TV. He wants to look at the reason behind the ridiculous regulations that state governments are trying to implement, and he hopes to show why the FDA wants to move "full steam ahead" on these vaping regulations and ignore the simple fact that vaping will save lives.

In a recent interview, Biebert explains:

“When I saw that a billion people will die this century from smoking, I became alarmed. Any other product/disease that kills a billion people would have scientists working around the clock figuring out the best way to stop the deaths.

In this case, most of the scientist seem to be following the money and putting out studies that hurt the only real alternative people have. The media blindly publishes the stories. Around the world, public health leaders and politicians push to ban or tax vaping. There is a story there. It needs to be told. We will tell it.”

Who handles all this misinformation and why is it out there? Biebert addresses these questions in his documentary, "A Billion Lives". This documentary filmmaker hopes to expose the large companies and huge corporations that are more concerned with making money than saving lives and are more of a concern than the large tobacco companies. Who, by the way, are at least interested in investing in e-cigs. And with all the incorrect information that's being publicized by what he refers to as the Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Non-Profits, Big Legal, and Big Government, it's easy to forget that most of the health problems attributed to smoking tobacco go away with substituting vaping. 

Since when is it okay to love money and profit more than saving lives? Will these big companies and corporations bend to the power of the almighty wallet and dollar and ban vaping even though it could save billions of lives this century? It's time that someone stands up and exposes the large corporations for looking more towards their profit margins than helping save people's lives, and using partial truths and misdirection to pursue this endeavor.

The Andrew Biegert documentary, "A Billion Lives" is due to come out in 2016. If you are interested in learning more about this documentary before then (and you definitely should be), go to the website www.ABillionLives.com. If you can't wait to learn more about the anti-vapors, watch the "Truth About Vaping" video series that can be found at: http://www.vaporvanity.com/must-watch-video-truth-about-vaping-why-they-hate-us/. Above all, always do all your research before NOT making what could be a life-changing and life-saving move. What you are taking for fact, could just be smoke provided by those who would rather line their pockets than do what is right and healthy for you.

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