The Pioneer4You IPV3 LI

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Pioneer4You IPV3 LI has been released in the market; however there is not much of hype surrounding this product. Further to that, this is one serious vaping box model. Even if you think this product looks quite similar to its original counterpart, you will be able to notice small changes in its functionality if one were to see it more closely. As a matter of fact, you will see that the fire button is much larger compared to other vaping items. If you are into chain vaping, then this product is apt as it makes it more comfortable to use.

Moreover, IPV3 Li has been printed on the bottom of this device; hence if you are brand conscious, people will check that out. There used to be black inactive screen on the first IPV3 well now that is a touch screen that works very well now. You can have easy access to this and change the functions properly, without hurting your thumb. Moreover, you need not worry about its safety since the touch sensor works only if the screen is in active mode. Just like other vape products, this Pioneer4You IPV3 LI has 150 threading.

Those threading contraptions has been upgraded by Pioneer4You. To keep everything in place, the sliding door nowadays comes with the ball lock. Thereby the box opens by sliding down the bottom. Rubber pad one on top and two at the bottom keep it firmly planted in place, besides that the door gets locked by the spring loaded ball at the bottom. Hence, you need not worry about losing the door by chance. As usual, this company attaches a long ribbon that is fixed at the box from one end so that you can remove the batteries easily. Further to that, brass is the metal that has been used to make the battery terminals.

We have covered all the physical changes and the upgrades; now we have to focus on the powerhouse functionality. Yihi SX330-V3SL Chip has been used in Pioneer4You IPV3 LI hence it is able to put out 200 watts, along with its temperature control function. Further to that, it can control a temperature range between 201 to 581 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite incredible. And you can adjust the joules as well from 4 to almost 74joules. Another amazing feature about this product is it temperature control up gradation wherein it works with titanium wire including nickel wire.

Some people have tested this product, and it works extremely well without any hiccup. With the help of temperature control, you are able to have precise vaping. Further to that, the awesome magnetic cover helps you to replace the batteries easily, without having to think too much. You even have the liberty to adjust the wattage, and this product requires 18650 flat top batteries. Besides, Pioneer4You IPV3 LI is made with an aluminum body, hence works great as a heat sink. Pioneer4You introduced this newer version to satisfy the needs of the customers and thereby add a major punch. Moreover, it fires atomizers as low as .10ohms that are extremely incredible.

Two IMR batteries is 18650 are required to power the device and is capable of cutting down 7.1 volts and 45 amps. Added to that, is the resistance range that is from 0.1 ohms to almost 3.0 ohms, as expected from Pioneer company.

IPV Technology Company is an innovative organization that has introduced various vaping products. They are constantly upgrading the vaping products to meet the needs of the customers. For a considerable length of time, they have from the beginning taken into account the customers standards. Thereby their products are best in quality. You can try this Pioneer4You IPV3 LI, and you will very be pleased with this vaping device. And you need not worry about if it drips; since you can hold it because it is much more relaxed this way. If you like vaping, you'll want to try this box out.

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