Nicotine Consumption With Vapor versus Combustible Cigarettes

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We all know someone who smokes, but people are changing the way in which they take a cigarette break. More and more people are using E-Cigarettes every day. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that E-Cigarette use jumped ten points from 2010 to 2011. Now, a provocative study has found that experienced traditional cigarette smokers are getting less Nicotine in every vaporized puff.

Background on E-Cigarettes:

According to Forbes, E-Cigarettes are meant to mimic traditional ones. They're usually smooth and cylindrical, and they're powered by a battery rather than your lungs. The difference is that they use water vapor that is mixed with Nicotine. You would then breathe in the vapor as you would with a regular cigarette. Some people even try to use them to quit smoking. Though this type of cigarette doesn't contain smoke, physicians don't recommend them. Another downside is that there are other chemicals involved that haven't been studied yet.

The Study:

The journal of Scientific Reports tested two groups. One of the groups included individuals who were new to smoking E-Cigarettes, but active traditional cigarette users. The others were well rounded vapers. The vapers had to have been vaping for at least 19 months at the time of the study. Nicotine absorption was recorded in both groups.

Equipment used:

The E-Cigarette that was used had an EVIC Battery and an EVOD clearomizer. This equipment was considered to be top notch at the time. It is now outdated, and factor this could impact future studies. New technology is available with a greater absorption rate. 

Testing Procedures 

Participants were required to inhale 10 times in a 5 minute duration. Base line samples of blood were taken from each person. After that, the blood was checked for its plasma and Nicotine concentrations. The researchers tested the blood at a specific rate: 5, 20, 35, 50 and 60 minutes. 

They also took note of the amount of times an individual inhaled and how long each lasted. This was in an attempt to understand how inhalation impacted the amount of Nicotine absorbed by the participants. 


Users who were new to vaping had a significantly less amount of Nicotine in their blood than seasoned vapers even though their number of inhalations were exactly the same. The reason behind this was the amount of time the individual inhaled. Other things factored in like the length of time the vapor was in the lungs, Because of this, it seemed that experience factored in to the amount of Nicotine absorbed in the body.

Overdose Risk:

Though it is always imperative to speak to a physician before making assumptions, this study showed that there is no risk for overdosing as a new user. One reason behind this is that even experienced vapers didn't get the amount of Nicotine contained in one traditional cigarette, and this was measured at the five minute mark. In other words, a traditional cigarette provides more nicotine than an E-Cigarette. 

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