Why Vaping is Better Than Smoking

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The distribution of information on the enormous health benefits of vaping to the public is often hindered by many misconceptions. Generally, people are not aware that the knowledge they acquire about vapor products like electronic cigarettes is wrong. This is the reason why many people view vaping negatively through their erroneous understandings, thereby not being able to correctly grasp new information. To successfully overcome these existing misconceptions, Public Health England issued an 111-page government expert report concluding that vaping is less dangerous than smoking. This study is expected to create a conceptual change that will open the minds of people who have negative views about vaping.

 The first finding of the review reveals that e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful compared to smoking. Coughs, wheezing, colds, and asthma are simply the early effects of smoking. Among its common fatal diseases include lung cancer, pneumonia, and emphysema. The American Lung Association revealed that cigarettes contain around 600 ingredients. When they burn, they generate over 7,000 chemicals. Similarly, cigars have an advanced level of carcinogens, tar, and toxins that are even more than cigarettes according to the National Cancer Institute. A lifetime smoker faces a high risk of developing diseases that are capable of causing death. These diseases include cancer of the lung, coronary artery disease, ulcers of the digestive system, and poor blood circulation. This best estimation produced by Public Health England will give hope to those who want to promote better health.

The second discovery shows that approximately half of the U.K. population (44.8%) do not realize that e-cigarettes are considerably less harmful than smoking. Unless you make an effort to be informed, chances are that you have been exposed to misleading information by the media rather than the hidden truth about e-cigarettes or vaping. Several studies have also concluded that the absence of combustion and various chemical compositions lead to less toxic chemicals being absorbed in electronic cigarettes. This makes e-cigarettes a safer substitute to tobacco cigarettes since you will be less exposed to harmful tobacco-specific toxicants. The study also demonstrates that there are no visible risks to human health from electronic cigarette emissions according to the compounds analyzed.

The third finding from the study proves that at present, there is no evidence that e-cigarettes serve as a route for children or non-smokers to begin smoking cigarettes. While some people fear that vaping will introduce the younger generation to smoking, there is a lack of solid data that will further support this conclusion. After further research, the latest figures show that this opinion on e-cigarette smoking is not happening. The key players in the vaping industry continue to monitor and make sure that the advertisement and promotion of e-cigarettes does not glamorize the use of this product.

The fourth analysis suggests that e-cigarettes may be responsible for declining smoking rates between adults and young people. Vaping has an extra advantage with traditional nicotine replacement therapies since electronic cigarettes are free from tar, smoke, and other harmful substances. Most vapor products are less dangerous than smoking and they are proven to be effective for quitting. Other studies indicate that vaping e-juice gives smokers the equivalent success rate as therapy methods for nicotine replacement like patches and gum. Aside from no offensive second hand smoke, there is also no fire. Therefore there is no smoke, ashes, or butts when using e-cigarettes. Additional benefits that you will get when vaping include less waste, no yellow fingers, no bad breath, and no smell that lingers to clothes and hair. It can also be legally used almost anywhere since many workplaces allow vaping.

In contrast to the U.K. report, numerous government agencies and several public health institutions in the U.S. are still not open to adopt vaping. The Office on Smoking and Health at the CDC does not want to admit to the health benefits that smokers will receive when they switch to vaping. Furthermore, Dr. Michael Siegel from Boston University School of Public Health declared that the American Lung Association would prefer to let the smokers die rather than asking them to quit smoking cigarettes with the use of e-cigarettes.

In the light of this report by Public Health England, the American Vaping Association is recommending a re-examination of views on vapor products in the United States. As a leading promoter of the advantages of vapor products like electronic cigarettes, AVA is calling for US government agencies and organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Lung Association, and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) to re-evaluate their views about vaping. They are requesting these groups to give corrective statements to clarify all the prior misleading information and inaccurate statements about vaping.


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