Anti-E-Cigarette Proponents Shoot Self in Foot

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Children Not Interested

Electronic cigarettes do not introduce children to traditional forms of tobacco. So says the survey of 11 - 18 year old Britons, which contradicts previous suggestions from opponents of the electronic cigarettes that the gadgets may lead young people to real tobacco smoking. E-cigarettes are less dangerous than tobacco cigarettes because they result in only a vapour being inhaled minus chemicals of cigarette smoke. It had been argued they would lead to a rise in youth smoking real cigarettes, an argument that has been proven unfounded. These findings have been supported by research conducted in the USA, as well as a study released by St. Mary College in London, UK.


Few Children Using E-Cigarettes Already Tobacco Smokers

The survey also informed the officials that although more young people are trying e-cigarettes, the number of regular users is still small and most of these children are already tobacco cigarette smokers, using e-cigarettes to avoid tobacco smoking. Hazel Cheeseman, Director of Policy, Action on Smoking and Health charity, stated in response, “These results should reassure the public electronic cigarettes are not linked with any young people increasing smoking.” Her agency was the requesting institution for the survey to be conducted. Director Cheeseman continued, “Although more young people are trying electronic cigarettes and many more young people are aware of them, this has not led to widespread, regular use or an increase in smoking." Most youth interviewed who said they were regular users also said they had been or were still currently cigarette smokers even after trying e-cigarettes. This time period was when awareness of e-cigarettes among the age group rose, but children surveyed thought the tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes were equally dangerous and health risks. The new law forbidding e-cigarette sale to under 18 years of age will cut children's product access. Meanwhile,Professor Linda Bauld, of Stirling University,expert on smoking behavior, said this confirms previous studies revealing children with e-cigarettes were already tobacco smokers. This confusion may have contributed to a rising perception in young people that e-cigarettes cause the same level of harm as tobacco. The deeper portent of this misunderstanding by children is that if they believe e-cigarettes as deadly as tobacco cigarettes, they will see no reason to use e-cigarettes instead of the truly harmful tobacco products.

The Bans Play On

Current news release advises that Southern Rail is banning the use of even e-cigarettes on their transportation system. Where is the public inducement to use e-cigarettes as aids to quit tobacco smoking? Where is the inducement to use e-cigarettes in social settings to resist starting to smoke tobacco cigarettes? Will officials next ban the use of nicotine gum and nicotine patches to addictive smokers trying to make the break? The nay-sayers who are still attempting to initiate regulation against the e-cigarette industry claim that although there is no evidence of any risk to health by e-cigarettes, but perhaps after years of use a danger will become known. (Readers are encouraged to make a note of that bureaucratic conundrum. It may benefit you 40 years from now, if they still have not found anything that goes bump in the night about e-cigarettes.) And "Yes, Sheldon, that was sarcasm."

Harmless and Self-Regulating

The industry of electronic cigarettes or vaping is regulating itself, as shown by the developments of the user's ability to reduce the strength of even the harmless vapor and flavors incorporated into the devices. This permits users to reduce the strength and sensory impact of their device down to next to nothing, further contributing to curing an addiction and breaking a habit that harms others as well as yourself. For further information, see our website and blog at ejuice farm.

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