The Battle of the E-Juices: Premium vs. Standard E-Liquid

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When choosing an e-liquid for your vape, you'll probably be met with a number of decisions. One of the most confusing decisions being if you should splurge for a premium e-liquid or if the standard version is just as good. 

The first step of understanding which is right for you is understanding the difference between the two. Here we will analyze the specific categories in which the e-juices differ, and what makes an e-juice "premium," what keeps it at "standards," and which is really better. 

The most visible difference between premium and standard level e-juices is the price. In many cases, a premium e-juice will cost you over double the amount as a standard version. But, like many other premium items and services, you're paying for the packaging, marketing, and logo that the product comes in and not necessarily the product itself. You'll typically notice that the premium e-juices are the same. They come in cool packages, have exciting and vibrant colors, and attention grabbing names. But this doesn't always equal a better product.

Winner: Standard E-liquid. You can't beat a price that is less than half of the other. Even if the product doesn't have a cool name or fancy packaging, you're paying for the product within. 

Premium e-juice brands claim to only use the highest level of ingredients in creating their product. You'll likely find a claim on their packaging stating they only buy ingredients from the country in which the product is produced, where a standard level e-juice will purchase their ingredients from cheap areas, such as China. But it is important to remember that being from China is not necessarily a bad thing and being from the home country isn't necessarily a good thing. 

In fact, one Chinese brand, Hangsen, is known for providing 99.7% pure, natural nicotine and ingredients. Hangsen is also known for selling relatively cheap e-liquids. 

Winner: Standard E-liquid. When it comes down to it, the quality of both products are more or less the same. If you're worried about the ingredients, just be sure to do the research before making a purchase. But, don't allow yourself to fall for the high-cost marketing that comes with the premium product. The standard level e-liquid is usually just as good.

Flavor is an area where premium brands really focus on distinguishing themselves from the standard level e-liquids on the market. 

Because standard level e-liquids are sold at a cheaper price, they must provide flavors that appeal to a mass market and that they know will sell. It also means they are making less money that could potentially be used to develop and test new flavors. You'll likely see standard e-liquids in traditional flavors like menthol or tobacco. These flavors are safe, and because they are not difficult to replicate, they can be sold cheap. 

On the premium e-liquids side, you'll find a variety of interesting flavors. Because the premium brands sell their product at a higher price, they are given more freedom to experiment with and develop new flavors. They also understand if they can provide exciting flavors that the standard level e-liquids can't give customers, they will eliminate some of the decision their customers have to make when purchasing an e-liquid.

Winner: Premium E-liquid. You can't beat the flavors that come with a premium e-liquid. With more money to do more development, the premium e-liquid brands are able to blow the standard brands out of the water in this category.

The Verdict
It is hard to say if a premium or standard is better because it all depends on your specific tastes. Remember that the quality of the two products are more or less the same, so the high price point is usually attributed to the fancy marketing and packaging associated with the premium brand.

If you're just looking for a great quality product without a large variety of flavors, the standard level e-liquids are the way to go. On the other hand, if you're into trying different flavors and experiencing new tests, you'll want to select a premium brand.

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