Cotto's Revenge

Inspired by American history and created with aging techniques born during the prohibition era, Cotto's Revenge brand e-liquids perfectly combine American heritage and Southern style for a flavor that is as satisfying as it is timeless. If you want a classic flavor that is sure to satisfy and leave you wanting more to the last drop, Cotto's Revenge has just the ejuice flavors you need.

Here at eJuice Farm, we offer popular Cotto's Revenge flavors such as; Signature Blend, High Life, Nani's Kiss and Sophisticated--so no matter what type of vape experience you prefer, you can find the blend that is just right for your unique tastes and styles. Try one or try them all. You never know which flavor will be your next obsession. Plus, you might like to change it up depending on what type of day you are having or what you are in the mood for.Cotto's Revenge

For example, High Life contains a strawberry champagne inhale with a blend of citrus notes and cream, while Nani's Kiss, a decadent dessert liqueur e-liquid blend, contains a blend of creamy toffee, sweet rum and hibiscus for a unique flavor. Both of these flavors are perfect for ending your day on a sweet and pleasant note. Enjoy them while watching the sunset or when gathered around a bonfire with your closest friends and family. For once, your family will actually appreciate the smell!

Of course, you can't neglect to try Cotto Revenge's signature flavor. With notes of bourbon, sweet custard, toasted almonds, and coconut, you'll quickly see why Cotto's Revenge has so quickly grown in popularity over just the last couple of years alone. It takes a lot of time and trial to find a flavor that is so perfectly blended, but this flavor pulls it off with style.

Are you looking for something more sophisticated? Don't miss the Sophisticated blend by Cotto's Revenge. With Kahlua, custard, almond and brown sugar flavoring, this rich and sophisticated flavor is perfect for enjoying while watching the sunrise and contemplating life.

Each Cotto's Revenge ejuice flavor is barrel aged in oak for two weeks for optimal flavor finishing so you can always be confident that the flavor you experience is nothing short of amazing from the first hit.

Don't waste your time on the same old standard flavors that never quite satisfy. Cotto's Revenge has a whole line of ejuices that are perfect for wherever life leads you. Try them today!