Five Pawns

Five Pawns e juice

Five Pawns is an ejuice company with a lot of meaning behind its name. Not only does the number five represent the initial number of flavors the company offered, but it also represents the five tastes as well: sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (or savory). In fact, each one of Five Pawns' first five ejuice flavors satisfies one of the five tastes.

Today, the company has expanded to include ten different flavors, but you won't find them straying from their roots. All their ejuices are still made entirely by hand and in small batches to ensure maximum taste. Five Pawns only uses high quality ingredients, including the best quality nicotine, to ensure that the flavor is amazing every time. Nothing leaves the facility until it is absolutely perfect.

When you buy Five Pawns brand ejuice from eJuice Farm, you can expect that same dedication to quality and premium flavor. Sophisticated and complex, Five Pawns ejuices are always sure to gratify.

Currently, eJuice Farm's most popular Five Pawns flavors are Castle Long and Gambit. Castle Long is a bourbon flavored ejuice that features coconut and vanilla accents for a superior taste. Of all the bourbon flavored ejuices we offer, Castle Long has the truest flavor. It is definitely one of our favorites. Try it; you won't be disappointed.

Another excellent ejuice option, Gambit is a dessert flavored ejuice that incorporates flavors of apple pie with caramel drizzle, whipped cream and buttery crust. This ejuice is simply perfect for enjoying post-meal without any of the worries about calories that traditional desserts provide. This is one rich and decadent flavor you will want to savor slowly.

If you are looking for your next juice flavor obsession, look no further. Try any of our Five Pawns ejuice flavors and see why we recommend them so highly. You'll be amazed just how great vaping can taste when you find just the right flavor.