Suicide Bunny

With a name like Suicide Bunny, you would think that a healthy vaping experience would be the last thing you would find with this popular ejuice company. Yet, a healthier, exceptional vaping experience is exactly what Bunny Pip Gresham set out to create when she initially created Suicide Bunny.

Motivated to help her husband curb his severe smoking addiction, Pip set out to create an eliquid like none other. She didn't just want to mix flavors in a lab, she wanted to use her creativity, passion and love to create a flavor experience that would be truly unique and remarkable. Thanks to many hours and late nights of hard work and dedication, she has managed to do just that. 

Anytime you vape with Suicide Bunny flavors, you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best vaping experience possible. All Suicide Bunny ejuice flavors are made with only the best American-made ingredients and every product is thoroughly tested for quality control before it is allowed to be shipped and sold.

Here at eJuice Farm, we are proud to sell five of Suicide Bunny's best flavors: Derailed, Madrina, Mother's Milk, Sucker Punch and The O.B. These flavors aren't for the faint of heart, but if you're looking for a premium vaping experience like none other, you'll find it here.

Sweet and playful, Derailed offers a unique cinnamon and banana cookie flavor you'll have to taste yourself to imagine. Madrina, a Suicide Bunny favorite, offers a slightly sweet yet subtle melon and cream flavor. Mother's Milk offers a fantastic sweet and fruity flavor that is perfectly paired with creamy custard.

An interesting and exotic flavor, Sucker Punch offers a tantalizing mixture of dragon fruit and cream, while The Original Bunny (or the "O.B."), Suicide Bunny's original and still highly popular product, offers a rich, creamy and savory flavor that will keep you guessing.

If you're up for one heck of an exciting adventure and a flavor you have to taste to believe, don't miss the sweet, tantalizing and satisfying flavors Suicide Bunny has to offer. From the first taste to the last, Pip's handcrafted care shows in every bottle.