Whether you're a beginning vaper or an experienced vaping master, you need a vape tank that will stand up to whatever you send its way, consistently offering you excellent, personalized performance without letting you down. That's why, here at eJuice Farms, we offer a wide selection of six different and unique vape tanks so you can always find the one that is right for you.

After all, your e-cigarette tank doesn't just hold your ejuice until it is time to vape it. It also has a huge effect on your e-cig's performance, taste and consistency. The bottom line is: you need a quality product that you can depend on.

A favorite among vapors, the Aerotank Mini features a sleek design, a customizable airflow and a unique coil technology. The Aspire Atlantis offers an adjustable airflow, sub Ohm coils and a standard 510 connection.

If you are looking for superior airflow, you won't want to miss the Aspire Nautilus with its four different size air-ports. Customize your airflow with just a simple turn of the lower ring for the perfect vaping experience. This easy-to-install tank makes for superior everyday vaping. We also offer the Aspire Nautilus Mini, with its bottom vertical coil system, which easily competes with the full-sized version.

Is a fresh, consistent and high-quality flavor important to you? If so, don't miss the Kanger SubTank Mini. This great piece of technology allows you to easily switch out the Organic Cotton Coil heads for a consistently superior experience. Alternately, you may prefer the Kanger Subtank Nano, which also features Organic Cotton Coil heads.

You are one-of-a-kind; your e-cigarette should be too. While choosing the ejuice flavor you love is one great step towards personalization, the process doesn't have to end there. Create an e-cigarette that is truly your own by ordering the ejuice tank that will best fit your unique needs. This will help ensure that you always get the best taste and the best experience absolutely every time you vape. You deserve nothing less.